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Contents Page
General Information, Epilepsy Warning! 2
Introduction 3
Installation 4
The Idea of the Game 5
Let’s Get Started 6
Options 7
New Game 8
The Tank Shop 9
Loading and Saving 10
Game Situations 11
The ‘Control Panel’ 13
Controls 15
Strategy 16
Strategies A-Z 20
The Use of Arms for Future Tank Commanders 22
Ranks 28
Points 28
Credits 29
We, the programmers and designers of SpaceTanks would like to thank you for
choosing to purchase this game. We have worked endless hours and have been
active day and night in the effort to produce this game, leading it to its maturity,
eliminating the possibility of errors and making it highly entertaining. The game
combines the charm of 8Bit game classics with the capabilities of today’s PCs. We
ask you to please respect this by accepting the conditions given in the licence, which,
so we believe, has been made easy for you by keeping the retail price as low as
We wish you lots of fun…
- 2 -
General Information
Epilepsy Warning
Please read the following Information before you or your children play the game.
Some people experience epileptic seizures when viewing flashing lights or patterns in
our daily environment. These persons may experience seizures while watching TV
pictures or playing video games. Even players who have never had any seizures may
nonetheless have an undetected epileptic condition. Should you or members of your
family have experienced symptoms related to epilepsy (seizures or disturbances of
consciousness) when viewing flashing lights, consult your doctor before playing the
game. Parents should always supervise their children when they are playing
computer or video games. Should you or your child experience any of the following
symptoms during play, stop playing IMMEDIATELY and consult your GP: dizziness,
altered vision, muscle twitching, other involuntary movements, loss of awareness or
your surroundings, mental confusion, and/ or convulsions.
Precautions during the game:
Do not sit too close to the screen. Sit as far away from the screen as possible.
Use a small screen when playing the game.
Don’t play when you’re tired or haven’t had enough sleep.
Make sure the room you’re in is well lit.
Rest for at least 10-15 minutes per hour when playing a computer or video
System Requirements
AMD or Intel Pentium CPU with 500 MHz or higher
128 MB RAM
150 MB free hard disc space
Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
OpenGL compatible graphic card with 32 MB RAM, installed and updated
DirectX compatible sound card
DirectX 8
Recommended System
AMD or Intel Pentium CPU with at least 600 MHz
256 MB RAM
150 MB free hard disc space
Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
OpenGL compatible graphic card with 32 MB RAM, installed and updated
DirectX compatible sound card
DirectX 8
- 3 -
A ”beautiful” Thursday in May… Suddenly the light goes out! The sun glows one last
time as a supernova before eventually vanishing into complete darkness. All
humanity has long fled planet Earth. New, widely scattered worlds have now been
inhabited. On them, SpaceTanks have been strategically positioned as a defence
against possible aggressors. Fully automatic android tanks, equipped with complex
arsenals and artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, however, the final gigantic energy
blast caused by the exploding sun has been underestimated. All electronic
appliances are responding with huge errors. Worst affected, however, is the main
Computer, responsible for the maintenance of all SpaceTanks For a long time this
computer has not been challenged to its full potential anyways, and all this waiting for
action ultimately got to it, affecting its circuits! Incidentally, its digital conscience is hit
with a seizure of schizophrenia triggered by a shower of gamma rays. The Computer
is going nuts. All it wants now is play! In search for pastime the confused machine is
now out to look for challenge. Like gladiators, it has SPACETANK after SPACETANK
confront one another in duels. From the side of the small minded settlers no help is
expected… More capable brains should now accept the final duel! A fascinating
conflict considering gravitational fields and asteroids, atmospheres, black holes and
antimatter. A challenge to the capacity of three-dimensional thinking, intelligence and
strategic skills.
A game that must be won!
- 4 -
Should the installation program not start automatically after inserting the CD, start
“Setup.exe” from your CD-ROM or DVD drive directory.
Setup will ask you “SpaceTanks
is now being installed. Would you like to continue.”
Click on >Yes<.
The Setup assistant will start and open a welcome window.
Click on >Next<.
A window containing the licence agreement will appear. Please read this agreement
and tick “I accept agreement.”
Click on >Next<.
From the next window you will be able to choose a directory for the installation. Select a
suitable directory and click on >Next<.
You will now be asked to choose a file name for the start menu. Choose a name or click
on >Next< if you want to keep the default name “SpaceTanks”.
Decide whether you want to install an icon on your Desktop (recommended). Then click
on >Next<.
Setup has now all necessary information to continue the installation. Click >Install< to
install the program on the system. Setup will now copy all necessary files onto your
hard disk.
In the last window you will be informed if the installation has been successfully
completed. Click on >Finish<.
To start double click the symbol on your desktop or select the corresponding entry from
the start menu.
To Uninstall:
To uninstall, select the entry “Uninstall SpaceTanks” in the programs file folder, which
has been given during installation; or go to Control Panel through the start menu, click
on Add/Remove Programs, select the program “SpaceTanks” and click >Remove<.
Click >Yes< to confirm the removal of SpaceTanks from your computer.
You will be notified when the software has been successfully removed from your
computer. Click >OK< to close the assistant.
- 5 -
The Idea of the Game
Don’t panic! Controlling the game is not hard to do. Nonetheless,
and to make sure that no questions will remain unanswered, we will give you a few
tips and some information to provide you with a shortcut into the matter. Basically,
you will be able to control the game intuitively.
SpaceTanks is designed for two players. However, you may alternatively challenge
your Computer, or have two Computer opponents duel one another. Each player
completes his move before it is the opponent’s turn, which means that you will not be
under time pressure, unless your opponent puts you under pressure by his skilful
choice of weapons - this will be dealt with in the strategy section. There are however
real time components in the game, which may result in crucial turns during one’s
move (during controlling), i.e. by flying debris, asteroids, etc.
Select 1 Player, 2 Players or 2 Computer opponents. You receive a starting capital of
2,500 Space dimes spending money – that is what we will call our currency. From
this money you should get yourself a fine tank from the Tank Shop. There are 50
models to choose from. Each has different qualities, some of which vary a great deal
from others. So beware! Carefully compare the various qualities and choose a tank
you think suits your mentality. Generally, the cheaper models are less armoured and
often have a lesser fuel supply compared to the more expensive models. After
purchasing your tank, you will receive a pay for the next round.
After both players have selected their tanks and are ready, the game can begin. In
the lower screen area you see the control panel of your tank. You can select the
design of the control panel in your options menu.
You may now select a weapon you consider suitable. But take a good look at the
costs, or else, at a later stage in the game, you may find yourself in a favourable
situation but with no sufficient funds to purchase the exact weapon needed. That
would be a shame, wouldn’t it.
Should you emerge as the winner in a duel, you will be rewarded in Space pence and
points. If you perform especially well, you may even be promoted. The pay depends
on your current rank at the start of each round.
The aim of the game is to climb the ladder of ranks to the champion’s level or simply
to win against your opponent.
- 6 -
Let’s Get Started
To change the default settings you can execute the file “GLSetup.exe” (from your
windows start menu), with the help of which you can modify the screen resolution
and colour settings. Further, you can choose if you want to play in full screen mode
(recommended) or in window mode. To adjust graphic resources you can modify the
number of particles
(graphic effects) by
adjusting the slider.
Click >OK< to
apply all settings.
Fig. 1 “GLSetup”
After starting Spacetanks you are presented with the main menu. Here you have the
options to start a new game >New Game<, load a game
>Load Game< (continue a previously saved game) or edit the >Options<.
Fig.2 Main Menu
- 7 -
Let’s turn to >Options< first, for here you can apply several settings before starting
the game.
Options Menu
Here you can select
basic settings.
In Particles, the number of particles activated in explosions, fires and other graphic
effects can be modified. Naturally, the more particles activated the more CPU
capacity (graphic resources) is required.
The setting Weapon Flight Time determines how long a projectile will take to reach
its target. In a situation i.e., where the projectile has entered into orbit of a planet or a
planetary system, extra waiting time may occur. In order to create a fair situation for
both players, a set time limit may be agreed before starting the game. If you find
enjoyment in watching a flight path, you may set an accordingly longer flight time.
Minimum = 15 seconds, maximum = 10 minutes.
The setting Size of Game Area establishes the sizes of the planetary systems. If it is
set for small, your projectile cannot take a huge detour around the planetary system.
A message appears: projectile has left galaxy. If the size is set for larger, the
projectile’s path may lead far into the galaxy. Minimum size = 6.0 and maximum size
= 36.0.
Panel Left Player and Right Player: here, each tank commander can choose his
favourable dashboard design. Do you like tiger skin design or rather metal or would
you maybe prefer a gloss with a patriotic design. During setting in the options menu
there will be a small preview.
The Volume of sound effects and music can also be set in the option’s menu.
- 8 -
New Game...
… and good luck with it! You have decided to have a go, well done. So in this
window, you will select whether you want to play against the Computer or against a
friend sitting next to you. To set the players click on >Left<, >Right<, or on the
symbols on the left of the window.
Now enter your and your opponent’s names by clicking on the respective name fields
first and then by typing.
New Game
It makes sense to set
left and right players in
same order of their
seating in front of the
Tip: In the odd case the
Computer may even
play against itself
Here, you also select the >Difficulty<. A click on the right arrow increases the
difficulty, a click on the left arrow brings you down by one level, controlling the
occurrence of obstacles (asteroids, atmospheres, black holes, etc.) in the two player
mode. Go ahead with all your settings now applied by clicking on >Start<.
The Tank Shop
We see! You are accepting the challenge after all. Well then, first of all you will
require a tank. There are 50 models to choose from. In the upper area of the screen
you find the exclusive showroom of the Tank Shop - with a view of course. Use the
left and right arrows to view the various tanks. In the lower left of your screen, you
find a brief description. In the lower right of your screen, you can view all detailed
data. The categories are cannon, chassis, antenna and tracks.
Choose a tank. But do keep an eye on your account, for you don’t want your funds to
dry up before you’ve had a proper firework! Once you’ve made your choice you may
buy the tank using the button (glass window) between the arrows. The tank will then
be shown in the lower window. Click on >Next< to finalise the step. The second
player or CPU-player may then go on his spending spree.
- 9 -
The Tank Shop.
There’s something for
everyone. The
presentation is surely
worth a closer look.
A click on the button
‘Score’ shows you details
on the current game.
If the price of a tank (or weapon) is displayed in red, you have to look elsewhere, for
you don’t have enough money. However, no need to go red! After purchasing the
right tank you will receive an additional small injection of capital (sum depending on
rank) as a budget for the fight ahead. The Tank Shop is also where you go, if you
need a new tank or if you need to have your damaged tank fixed. In the centre of
your lower screen you find a button for complete repair and to fill up. Demands of
smaller specified repair jobs and fuel amounts are made through the symbols on the
right, next to the display showing a tank’s condition.
Fig. 6
The Tank Shop after the
purchase of a tank or
respectively after a duel.
Here someone got a clip
around the ears.
You should always keep a good eye on the antenna, an important item when using
remote controlled weapons. If the antenna is damaged, you will not be able to
detonate those weapons.
- 10 -
Antennas are not always recognisable as such, for reason of camouflage. They may
appear as a flower here, a lamp there or in the looks of a cannon another time.
If you think that you desperately need a new tank, you can sell the present one. Be
cautious, however, the sale is also linked with a certain decrease in value. Here
again, a click on >Next< will finalise the step. Here, in the Tank Shop you also have
the opportunity to save your present score by clicking on >Save< or on the floppy
disk symbol. (right hand side, screen centre)
Loading and Saving
Even the most experienced tank commander will be tired at some point. Therefore
you have the chance to save a game and continue playing at a later point in time. By
clicking >Save< in the Tank Shop you will get into the save menu.
Loading and Saving
There are eight files you can save your score in. Select a number (Score 7 in fig.7)
and click on >Save< to save your present score. If you overwrite an old score you
need to confirm again. If you have chosen to load a game in the main menu, you can
choose one of the score files for loading. In the window, general information like date,
time and difficulty of the loaded game will be displayed.
Details of the score will be displayed in the lower screen. You can view the present
balance of the account, the rank and the tanks owned by the players.
To load a saved game select >Load Game< from the main menu. The same window
as described above will open, with one difference: you can now load an old score.
- 11 -
Game Situations
During the game, the action can be seen in the upper area of your screen, while the
dashboard of your tank is displayed in the lower area of your screen. Here you can
undertake various settings to influence the flight path of your missile.
Fig. 8
The situation here is
easy, as there are no
obstacles. The player
(left) is in complete
Right from the very first shot, the player must decide whether he can afford the risk to
miss his target using one of the very effective (and more expensive) weapons, or
whether he should rather use a “Rotten Egg”, which is a cheaper weapon but useful
to estimate a flight path. In a situation like this try to make a good guess as to what
your opponent is up to, for he faces the same problem as you, but may have made
better calculations. However, the player has the auxiliary line as an aid: The first part
of it can actually be projected prior to the launch. But the higher the difficulty, the
shorter the auxiliary line.
Fig. 9
Tank with auxiliary line, which is activated by pressing
the key ‘H’ or clicking the button ‘auxiliary line’ in the
‘Control Panel’
But beware! This practical aid has its disadvantage, too. Nothing in life is ever easy.
The Computer responsible for allocating points will penalize you with a lesser score
at the end of the duel. So, consider whether the loss of a few points in a less
spectacular duel weighs milder than the loss of a brilliant tank.
- 12 -
To get a better picture it may well be an advantage to view the scene from a
distance. The zoom symbols in the upper right screen area will help you out there. A
click on zoom “+” will take you closer to the scene, a click on zoom “-“ will move you
back out again (see fig. 10 and fig. 11)
Fig. 10, 11 While
scientists still speculate
about the existence of
matter between the
galaxies, the Space
Tanks player knows
that there could very
well be pumpkins there.
In the case of an unstable planet being in the way, the tank commander can decide
whether he will look for an alternative launch route or whether he will eliminate the
obstacle without further ado. The “Big Guy”, “Planet Eater” & Co could come handy
as your tools for this kind of manoeuvre.
Fig. 12
Hindering obstacles can
be eliminated pretty
effectively at times.
Here, an instable planet
has been hit
- 13 -
The ‚Control-Panel’
Fig.12 The ‘Control Panel’
1. Choosing a weapon
You can choose a weapon by clicking on the arrows or on the upper or lower area of
the control element respectively. There is a summary of the various weapons in the
chapter “The Use of Arms for Future Tank Commanders”. You can scroll fast through
the list by dragging with your mouse.
2. Compass with degrees display
Use the compass and the degree display for orientation on the planet. The degree
display will help you to easily find a position you’ve been previously in.
3. Direction Control Switch (left)
Click on the arrow to move your tank anticlockwise on the planet. (only works while
there is sufficient fuel in the tank)
4. Fuel Display
Gives you a fair idea of your present fuel amount. Detailed information is given in the
small display (6), if you move your mouse onto one of the control direction switches
(3) and (5).
5. Direction Control Switch (right)
Click on the arrow to move your tank clockwise around the planet.
- 14 -
The ‚Control-Panel’
6. Info Monitor ‘Monitor-Man’
Gives you details about the chosen weapon and damage on your tank, a planet’s
mass etc., while the Computer is waiting for your command and by moving the
mouse over the relevant object.
7. Remote Control
Use this button in connection with weapons that are operated by remote ignition, like
i.e. cluster bombs. Whether a weapon can be used via this button, you will see at the
green blinking remote control lamp (8), and also at the equivalent symbol in the
display (up and right in ‘Monitor Man’).
8. Remote Control, Display
If this ‘lamp’ is flashing green, you can fire the selected weapon.
In ‘Monitor Man’, the symbol for weapons with remote ignition
9. Help Line (Auxiliary Line)
This button activates the display of a help line (auxiliary line), which helps you to
estimate the first part of the flight path. However, don’t forget that strong gravitation
fields can change its angle by a good deal.
10. Firing Button
Once all your settings are done and you are pretty certain that your opponent will get
it this time, press the firing button. After that, you will have no more chance to
influence the flight path.
11. Energy Controller and display
Here you preset the energy level you want to fire the missile with. The energy
controller reacts differently to a number of possible settings. It can be controlled by
the slider button/handle (general control). With a click right or left, directly next to the
‘handle’ you can go up and down by one unit, and with the arrow keys on the side
you can increase or reduce settings by units of 1/10. Minimum = 0, Maximum = 100
12. Cannon Artillery Angle and Display
Here you set the angle of the gun barrel. This controller works exactly like the energy
controller. Slide for general control, whole units up/down by clicking next to handle,
setting of 1/10 units via arrow keys.
Minimum = 0 (vertical), maximum = 100 (in both directions)
- 15 -
Keyboard - Keys & Functions
Key Where What
‘H’ during game activates auxiliary line (help line)
[UP] and [DOWN] during game cannon control
[NUM+] and [Pos1] during game energy control
[NUM-] AND [End] during game energy control
[Esc] anywhere main menu or back
[Enter] during game Firing Button
[R] during game Remote Control
[Left] during game tank moves anticlockwise
[Right] during game tank moves clockwise
[Page Up] during game Zoom out
[Page Dn] during game Zoom in
[P] during game Pause
[Return] in menus confirm / OK
[Esc] in menus Cancel / Back
[Y] Yes/No menus Confirm
[N] Yes/No menus Cancel
[I] In Tank Shop Score Info
[F11] Save Screenshot
- 16 -
During the game, Spacetanks holds a few surprises in store. Not only will you be
busy tackling your opponent, but you may also experience extraterrestrial encounters
of many kinds, like the alien Duke Flimsy of Bootee, galactic wasps, alien ships or
galactic pumpkins. This folk generally doesn’t cause any hassle, if you leave them
alone. There are also mined planets, which you can use to your advantage - that is, if
you know what you’re doing. And the list goes on: “Black Holes”, anti-gravitational
fields, planets, moons and suns will challenge your survival skills. They can be both,
friend or foe.
Planets with an atmosphere will change a weapon’s trajectory by air resistance.
Therefore, while launching a missile, it is a good idea not to let it enter into the
atmosphere in too acute an angle, because the missile will be reducing speed on its
course through the layer of air.
Fig. 13
Keep the course through the atmosphere as short as
possible, in order to reduce course deviation.
If intergalactic wasps roam your planetary system,
aim your shot in such a way that they will not be
Don’t annoy the
wasps by any means!
There have been mines placed on some planets. If a mine is hit by a missile or
similar, it will detonate. In the case of a close density of mines severe chain reactions
may occur, even effecting other planets.
Be very careful here!
Mines are pretty sensitive.
- 17 -
There are some planetary systems where you cannot immediately see which course
is the best to use when launching a projectile. If you are in such a situation (fig.1.12),
and you do not want to send a seeking rocket, try to send your projectile into orbit
around the system. In
many cases the zoom
function (magnifier
symbols, right above in
the game area) help
over viewing the
Not all that simple.
To create a latent problem for your opponent you can use your resources also
outside technology, in Mother Nature. A coconut catapulted onto a planet with an
atmosphere can grow into a palm forest, which can easily go up in flames if duties of
forestry are neglected. The suitable weapon (Fire Raiser) would be available for such
a wicked plan.
Fig. 17
Don’t throw out any
lighted cigarettes….
A turbulent scene:
matter whirling
around a black hole
In the neighbourhood of black holes the flight path becomes rather unpredictable.
Therefore you’re better off avoiding it.
- 18 -
You’re better off leaving any galactic citizens alone, while they’re at home. They will
not be a threat to you, but they have good connections to the main Computer,
responsible for the distribution of points, don’t forget. So, if you hit a citizen’s house
or even the resident himself, you will penalised.
Fig. 19
‘Duke Flimsy of Bootee’
just wants his peace.
It’s for that reason that he
emigrated to a deserted planet.
Fig. 20
Here we have a
pumpkin sleeping
peacefully – yet!
But wait ‘til he wakes up!
In a situation where it is impossible to hit your opponent directly, try this: give the
pumpkin a kick and see the consequences when it approaches the tank close
If your opponent manages to hit you, or at least near enough, you better change
location. For his next shot could be the last thing you see in this round.
Fig. 21
Man against machine!
Who will survive .
Fig. 22
That was close.
Find your nearest
It’s impossible to traverse craters like this. You can use them as a tactic to
temporarily corner your opponent. Smaller burn holes caused by weapons hitting the
surface of a planet will, however, not create any obstacles. It is possible to create a
crater underneath a tank by a skilful shot, an action by which it will ultimately be
buried and destroyed. A very effective operation with a small investment of one of the
cheaper weapons.
- 19 -
Far, far in space, you don’t only encounter black holes but other exotic phenomenon,
too, like these anti-gravitational fields. These objects have a negative gravitation, a
repelling effect so to say. Well, you will get used to it.
Fig. 23
Within borderline
of physics. An anti-
gravitational field.
Fig. 24
Another representative of
the anti-gravitational fields
The first type of the anti-gravitational fields comes into account only if your PC is fit
enough. Spacetanks decides according to your PC’s capacity, whether it can
produce the graphics for type 1. Both kinds differ merely visually. Nobody is to loose
out on anything.
A planet’s gravity depends on its mass, which will be displayed by moving the mouse
cursor over the planet, while you are doing your settings. The size of a planet stands
in connection with its mass. But don’t forget that when you are dealing with a sphere
(planet) the slightest increase in diameter (volume) will result in a considerably larger
The symbol showing a brain above the Monitor-Man lets you know that The CPU-
player is contemplating its next move.
Fig. 25
Brain at work
To get an impression of the CPU-player’s strategy, click on >Demo< in the intro at
the very bottom on the right.
- 20 -
Strategy A-Z
The antenna is a vital instrument for remote control use, signals cannot
be sent from tank to projectile without it. (lamp of remote control button
must signal green light)
possesses negative gravitation, which means that it does not attract
but repel a projectile.
An asteroid belt around the home planet offers a certain protection
against enemies, but at the same time, it makes it harder to launch an
attack. Who can afford it, may use the ‘Big Boy’ to throw all asteroids
out of their orbits. Naturally, tanks also sustain damage when hit by an
If a planet has an atmosphere, then of course the flight path is affected
as a result. You will require extra energy. It also helps to keep the flight
path as short as possible if its course goes through an atmosphere.
Plants only thrive on planets with an atmosphere.
take a so-called ballistic flight path, which differs depending
Flight Path
on the energy used while firing the projectile. The thrust in missiles
results in a different flight path than that of projectiles launched by
impulse. Seeking missiles will always keep correcting their course onto
their targets.
Black Holes
‘are not all that black’, not only Stephen Hawking claims. If your
projectile approaches any of those ‘mass-monsters’, the flight path is
hardly predictable. The closer the projectile shoots past them, the more
it is accelerated. These Black Holes even eject projectiles. But you
never know in what direction.
Your tank is a construction of various parts. Therefore, different areas
of your tank can be affected when hit. Tank chain, armour, cannon,
chassis. Watch the condition of your tank carefully, and give it a good
repair now and then. Cannon and armour are vital parts of your tank. If
the condition of your tank chain decreases below 10%, your tank will no
longer be operational.
Attack is the best means of defence, so they say. You may, e.g., move
to the far side of the planet, or force your opponent to continuously
change his settings by simply keeping in motion ...good luck!
Planets, moons, suns, etc. all have different gravitations. In the ‘Game-
Monitor’ (by moving your mouse over it) you can view a planet’s mass
before launching your weapon. Black Holes have very high gravitation.
Anti-gravitational fields have repelling character.
- 21 -
detonate at contact, resulting in chain reactions, effecting even other
Auxiliary line
Thanks to latest modern technology, the tank commander is able to
Guidance view the first few yards of a projectile’s flight path. This is a great aid for
avoiding big boobs. In conditions where the gravitation in planetary
systems constantly varies (e.g. through moons and rubber planets), the
auxiliary line is updated accordingly. But attention!! the use of this feature
decrease your score and maybe your ranking too! the real SpaceChamp don't need it!
can become a threat to Spacetanks. Use them to annoy your
opponent! Firing certain weapons at them you can push them closer to
your enemy.
Remote Ctrl
Some weapons are equipped with remote control. Click on the remote
Trigger control button to activate them. (Only works with operational antenna.)
You can make out rubber planets and their moons by the way they
rotate around their own axis. In contrast to normal planets, most
projectiles bounce off here.
Seeking missiles should always be launched with extra energy, which
Missiles they will need as they continuously correct their course to their target
after launch. The energy controller can be used here as fuel controller.
In some planetary systems, there are much travelled space routes.
Don’t mistake commuting spaceships with your opponent
it's a pain in the ass if you hit them via projectiles ;-)
Projectiles do not bounce off here. As soon as they make contact with
the surface of a sun, they incinerate.
An especially aggressive species of wasp (Space Wasp). It’s best not
to irritate them!
- 22 -
The Use of Arms for Future Tank Commanders
This chapter gives you an overview of all the various weapons. In principle, you have
to distinguish between missiles and projectiles. Projectiles are launched by force of
impulse, which means that after their launch they follow the law of gravity. Although
missiles can’t escape the law of gravity, their flight path is different due to the longer
lasting thrust. Seeking missiles, on the other hand, use their fuel for course
corrections while targeting. The bar highlighting the actual weapon in the weapon
purchase control element, changes colours during selection process of different
weapon types.
Blue projectiles
Yellow missiles
Orange seeking missiles
Colours also change accordingly for the auxiliary line button and the auxiliary line
itself. For some weapons, the ‘Monitor-Man’ displays additional symbols, indicating
further qualities of those weapons.
Weapon can be detonated by remote control.
Weapon highly explosive, its destructive force may even form craters.
Weapon extremely explosive
Weapon info and prices are displayed in the ‘Monitor-Man’ by moving the mouse
cursor over the control element ‘buy a weapon’. (In return, you can view the weapon
itself when the cursor is placed over the ‘Monitor-Man’). Points gained with the
penetration caused by a weapon is equivalent to those points lost when your tank is
hit, depending on the condition it is left in. The condition of your tank at any one time
is displayed by moving the cursor over the tank.
List of Weapons:
Rotten Egg Type: Projectile
Minimal damage, minimal cost. Useful to check
settings for your next shot.
Coconut Type: Projectile
Little damage, plants palm trees on planets with an
atmosphere. Strategic advantage: a palm tree forest
restricts an opponent in their mobility, for they receive
damage by bulldozing the trees.
- 23 -
Lady’s Friend Type: Electronic Beaml
Low energy, inaccurate shot, you could easily shoot
yourself in the foot.
Submachine Gun Type: Projectile
Fires a volley of 10 shots, and may therefore be used to
cover an area to some extent.
Chain Glue
Type: Projectile
Spreads a film of glue onto the planet and hinders tanks in
their mobility. You will experience a high consume in fuel
while moving over the glue.
Cluster Bomb Type: Projectile
Deploys up to 5 cluster bombs through a remote control.
Bouncy Ball
Type: Projectile
Rubber projectile, bounces off planets 10 times before
Type: Projectile
A TNT-charged fire-cracker, jumps 10 times on a planet’s
surface before detonating its special charge.
- 24 -
Type: Projectile
Space trash of a special kind. The trashcan may contain
between 5 and 60 pieces of trash depending on the last
collection day.
Scuttle Robots Type: Projectile
Two small fighting robots equipped with special tools will
emerge from this projectile and set off on the planet.
Fire Raiser
Type: Projectile
Having reached surface it continues burning for a short
time. Interesting weapon in combination with firewood in
the form of palm trees.
Gatling Gun Type: Projectile
Fires a volley of 20 shots in relatively fast intervals, is not
that accurate though.
Yaw Thruster Type: Projectile
Remotely triggered retro missiles. With a bit of cleverness
and skill the projectile should hit the opponent’s tank.
Green Lightning Type: Electronic beam
Medium scaled energy ray.
- 25 -
5 Astro-Killers Type: Projectile
Detonates 5 shots, useful against hindering asteroids.
Tank Buster 1 Type: Projectile
Smallest representative of the burglar family. Penetration
at low cost – the burglar’s way.
Tank Buster 2 Type: Projectile
For the more advanced tank fighter, improved penetration
– value for money.
Tank Crusher Type: Projectile
De luxe model ‘can opener’ for experienced fighters, who
know what they’re doing.
Pepper Caster Type: Projectile
Remote controlled, it releases 30 fragments resulting in
considerably good penetration. Not quite cheap, therefore
rather something for gourmets.
Blue Velvet
Type: Electronic beam
Electronic beam with dangerously high voltage, can cause
serious damage.
- 26 -
Chainbreaker Type: Projectile
Pest control against too many and too much. Two flaming
barrels roll over the planet destroying the tracks of hostile
tanks on contact.
25 Bouncy Balls Type: Projectile
The famous Flubber brought all of his friends. The same
also goes for these: 10 bounces and ‘boom’!
Grenade Thrower Type: Projectile
Fires off 5 volleys each loaded with 5 grenades. Very
effective weapon, but not inexpensive.
Tesla Coil
Type: Projectile
Most effective in causing great damage, if aimed very
close to your opponent. An electronic beam is fired from
the coil onto metal objects. Beware: There is no sensory
mechanism for friend or foe.
Fat Granny
Type: Projectile
Watch out! This weapon’s massive explosion may even
throw asteroids out of their orbits. If your opponent gets his
hands on this explosive, all you’re left to do, is pray.
Silver Surfer
Type: Missile
Missile with a parfume payload. Not without a reason are
they banned. Cheap and effective.
- 27 -
Clusterrocket Type: Missile
Missile with remote ignition, deploys 15 cluster bombs at
the push of a button.
Erna & Berta Type: Seeking Missile
A dynamic duo, “bounces” off planets, occasionally gets in
its own way. Value for money seeking missile and comes
in a twin pack.
Type: Seeking Missile
Seeking missile with a payload of 10 cluster bombs.
Type: Seeking Missile
Effective seeking missile with a repelling effect.
Planet Eater Type: Seeking Missile
Repels off planets 10 times leaving permanent impressions
in the form of craters. Also useful for removing unstable
6 Mavericks
Type: Seeking Missile
If you are fond of missiles, you will like this one. The
launch of this weapon deploys 6 seeking missiles with a
repelling effect. A six-pack of a special kind.
- 28 -
Climbing the ladder is not that easy. But so that you know your way up, here is a list
of the various Spacetank-ranks.
1. Private
2. Private II
3. Private 1st Class
4. Specialist
5. Corporal
6. Sergeant
7. Staff Sergeant
8. Sergeant 1st Class
9. Master Sergeant
10. First Sergeant
11. Sergeant Major
12. Command Sgt. Major
13. Sgt. Army Major
14. Warrant Officer
15. C.W. Officer II
16. C.W. Officer III
17. C.W. Officer IV
18. C.W. Officer V
19. Second Lieutenant
20. First Lieutenant
21. Captain
22. Major
23. Lieutenant Colonel
24. Colonel
25. Brigadier General
26. Major General
27. Lieutenant General
29. General of the Army
30. Space-Champion
For the calculation of points, the Computer watches your every step applying certain
rules and conditions. For example: Did you use the auxiliary line (
defeat your opponent with the first shot of the round (“Hole in One”,
manage to survive the aliens (Wasps, Spaceships) (
bonus).. The Computer, by
the way, may also succeed with the “Hole in One”, a bull’s-eye with the first shot,
which can lead to promotion for the CPU-player.
Frequent saving and loading comes to the Main Computer’s dislike (
If you defeat your opponent using a precision weapon (e.g. Tank Buster) the
Computer will give you a higher reward than for using surface weapons (e.g. Cluster
Bombs, Tesla-Coil).
The man on the planet is an old friend of the Main Computer, so should you target a
hit on his house or the man himself you will have to endure a point deduction.
The number of defeated opponents will also influence the score board. The higher
the number of defeats, the higher the score.
The difficulty level will also be considered by the Computer. A higher difficulty level
will, therefore, earn you more points.
A series of victories will be marked with a higher score. So, a robust tank can really
pay off. If a player succeeds in defeating an opponent who is in possession of a
stronger tank, it will earn him hard cash.
- 29 -
We thank everyone who has participated in the development of Spacetanks:
PressPlayOnTape, Spacetanks title
music in trailer video
Daniel Renner aka da_duke
[DBKI], video trailer
(graphics + rendering)
Game Development:
Game engine, coding Stefan Nagel
Game graphics Jens Grabow
Additional coding Florian Schwindling
Sound engine, coding, sound-FX,
Music (composed+arranged), Booklet Christian Nagel
Booklet Translation German into English Sonja Matz
Concept Yawthrust
Testing Stefan Nagel,
Christian Nagel,
Jens Grabow,
Florian Schwindling
Level-Design Your Computer ;-)
SpaceTanks A game by YAWTHRUST…